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Orlando Bloom & Djimon Honsou Team For Cape Town Set Thriller 'Zulu'

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If the name Jerome Salle isn't familiar, that may be about the to change. The French writer and filmmaker was behind "Anthony Zimmer," which was remade into a movie you remember as "The Tourist." He also helmed the franchise efforts "Largo Winch" and its followup "The Burma Conspiracy." But for this next effort, he's taking a bit more of a serious path in what could be his international breakthrough.

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alycakes3401d ago

Both of these actors are top notch and so I can only say that it will probably be an excellant movie. I will be looking for more on this film in the near future.

gaden_malak3401d ago

Cape Town is such a wonderful place.

alycakes3401d ago

I've never been there but I'm sure it is. I've been to a few of the countries in Europe but not any other places. I would love to travel more some day.,