Overlooked Horror Gems 2000 - Present: Part 1

It's time for Shock Till You Drop to do a bit of reflection.

The home video and VOD market is wide; lots of films come out and sometimes people just happen to miss them. Sometimes the genre fans just don't show up to the theater (even though they scream and holler for new original films) and they really miss out.

The primary reason for this list is this: It's for the casual fan, the people that only know about the mainstream horror movies of yesterday and today. These people always want to know about “good horror movies,” so it's only fair that Shock pull up the rug that so many movies have been swept under and show them what is out there. Who knows? Maybe it will turn them from a casual horror fan into life-long addict like the rest of us.

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alycakes3404d ago

Haven't seen any of them so I can't really comment on them but they don't really sound very good.