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After the closing scene kiss that took Peter and the viewers by surprise last week, Fringe picked up where it left off in Olivia's apartment and delivered an episode so well crafted and so well written that it has to rank up there with the very best of the entire series.

The third season started after the two spellbinding final episodes of the previous one introduced us to the fascinating alternate universe, and it then had a run with virtually no filler episode to speak of in its first half. What it had going for it was the novelty of The Other Side and all its colorful characters, and the fact that Olivia's fate — trapped in a universe that wasn't hers — turned a character that was already in many ways the heart of the series into one that most viewers couldn't help but root for. Comparatively, all the fourth season had to work with was a new timeline, a relative measly change — even if more complex in the details — it made up for by weaving its stories across timelines, improving on every character and every relationship touched on before. That process took some time, failing to win some viewers over, and only came to fruition with "A Better Human Being."

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