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Supernatural - Repo Men Review | Player Affinity

Player Affinity writes: While the show managed to pull its quality level back up to somewhere akin to pre mid-season break last week, I’m not entirely sure that I even cared what Supernatural would do on Friday. My disdain for the show of late has largely been centered around the story going absolutely nowhere, but now that it’s been going nowhere for so long, is it not just foolish to expect anything else? I’m inclined to say yes and as such, if this review comes across as slightly more positive than some of its predecessors, it’s because I’ve all but given up hope that Supernatural will ever be “good” again this season, if ever (the show’s numbers are just a bit too healthy to suggest that they won’t see an eighth season).

Don’t get me wrong though, this week’s “Repo Man” did its best to not be any worse than what we got seven days prior and it may have even outdone it. Furthermore, it had a semi-interesting approach as far as the story was concerned. We began with a flashback to when the Winchesters were hunting after Lilith sometime during season three, using whatever means necessary upon her black eyed brethren to find out where she is. Evidently this time around the brothers had employed the help of an outsider in catching Jeffrey - a possessed man who had been on quite the murderous rampage. After a quick bit of torture, Jeffrey’s demon was exorcised and so we return to the present.

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