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The Walking Dead Episode 9 “Triggerfinger” Review: Best Horror Movies

‘Triggerfinger’ sees AMC’s The Walking Dead march forward in an ultra-aggressive mood. What’s perhaps more relevant is the fact that there’s no loss of tension to accompany the increase of action; emotional projections are juggled with precision, which leaves the drama of this episode fully intact.

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alycakes3406d ago

Each episode gets better and better. I think everything is going to keep building up until one of them is going to kill each other and there will be one less in the group.

Aren't they suppose to leave the farm at some point?

CynicalVision3406d ago

'Aren't they suppose to leave the farm at some point?'

The sooner that happens the better, I'm getting really sick of that farm now.


It would be awesome for the other members of that gang to find the farm and all the gunfire attracts a horde of walkers, forcing them to leave for good.

Soldierone3406d ago

I agree and have said it several times. what made this show great was they didn't have a "safe zone" and the farm is getting boring.

Though with the smoke from the burning bodies, several accidental gun shots, yelling, and all the other noises they make you would think a walker would have found them by now.

Best-Horror-Movies3406d ago

Yes they are supposed to leave the farm at some point, it has been mentioned with several cast members in interviews. Not sure if it will happen this season, maybe not until season 3.

Soldierone3406d ago

FINALLY they brought it back. This episode was awesome, I can only hope the rest of the season is like this. Kinda sucks it took half a season to get here, but FINALLY lol

Such a great episode, and I'm excited for next week.

alycakes3406d ago

I think they need to get rid of Shane. I think he's suppose to get off the show but I'm not for sure yet. If that's the case then he's probably going to get killed off. If he does get killed then I think it's going to come to a big blow up between all of them because he's been boiling up inside wanting to take over the whole group and be the boss of every one there.

Genki3406d ago

I respect your opinion; however, I think Shane is arguably the most pivotal character on the show right now. He's the only person keeping things interesting if there isn't a zombie in the mix, and when you consider his ties to Rick, Lori, the unborn child, Andrea, among others, it's easy to see how the show would fall apart without him at this point. Everyone else on the show has no personality; they're all far too passive. Daryl WAS a good character, but lately it seems as if the writers don't have a clue what to do with him. His silly outbursts as of late don't cut it for me. He's an interesting character and a valuable member to the group, so they need to write him that way.

Anyway with regard to Shane, there aren't many indicators that he's getting any calmer, so while I do think he's going to have to die eventually, now is not the right time to do it. The best time for Shane to kick the bucket IMO is if some of the characters start having attitude changes leading to more conflicts, a new catastrophe occurs, or additional characters are thrown into the mix that aren't as well behaved and mild mannered as everyone else.

Soldierone3406d ago

I agree with your point, the other characters HAVE to develop more before he disapears. The only thing though is Shane shouldn't have even been around this long based on the comics, so the story itself SHOULD do fine without him.

I just find it ironic that the guy that plays Shane dies a lot in shows that he does lol. Spoiler He dies in The Pacific too haha

Soldierone3406d ago


He just signed a deal to be on the new Show LA Noire (no affiliation with the game) as a main character. So rumor has it that sealed his fate. To further the claims advanced information on the show state he goes on a search with rick and doesn't come back.

alycakes3405d ago

I thought I remembered reading somewhere that he had signed on for something else and they said he probably would be the one leaving the show. It makes sense now that it will be his downfall soon or maybe that will be at the end of the show this season.

eak33406d ago

I think next week we get the Rick vs Shane thats been boiling. Yes they will be leaving the farm very shortly as above poster has detailed. The Governor is next.