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Here's The Amazing New IMAX Poster For The 'Hunger Games'
And what would a weekend be without poster number twenty-five(!) for The Hunger Games? Talk about going all out on an ad campaign. Still here's another. Read on to check out the goods.

This supersized poster for the one-week IMAX engagement of The Hunger Games looks fantastic!

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alycakes3402d ago

And just more reason to look forward to this movie. I can't believe that after all this time it's only about a month away...can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday that I was asking "What's 'The Hunger Games'?" like some idiot that just had no clue about the trilogy or the books. I have now read all three books and can hardly wait for the movie.

OSIRUSSS3400d ago

This movie looks like a rehash of running man.

JL3400d ago

The only real similarity between Hunger Games and Running Man is that they both center around a "game show" or death. That's where the similarities cease. Running Man isn't even the same type of setup. Hunger Games pits innocents kids against innocent kids and forces them to fight. Running Man more puts one man in a gauntlet against hired mercenaries to survive. In other words, Running Man only has contestant-vs-mercenaries. Hunger Games is contestants-vs-contestants.

It (Hunger Games) could probably be more closely compared to Battle Royale. That one has children facing off against each other to fight for survival and to be the last one standing as each are forced to fight against one another. But even then, Hunger Games only shares the same basic story with Battle Royale. They deal with different themes and tones, etc.

And honestly, none of the three mentioned are original, in that this basic plot is one that goes all the way back to Roman times and the Colosseum. This is just the Colosseum and gladiator fights reinvented.

OSIRUSSS3400d ago

I guess since I know nothing of the movie outside of the trailer I just got that impression.

alycakes3400d ago

Totally different when you have children fighting children and fighting just to be able to live and be able to provide for themselves and their families for the rest of their lives.....but at the same time knowing that they have to destroy other families to do that.

Paulh823400d ago

Whilst I am looking forward to seeing the movie, calling the poster "amazing" is overstatement of the century.

alycakes3400d ago know how they like to promote their them everything is going to be 'amazing'. They have to make it sound bigger than big. After's show biz.