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Playlist Review: HBO's 'Eastbound & Down' Makes Its Return With Hilarious, Promising Season 3 Opener

The Playlist:
Kenny “bleeping” Powers is back. Fans of the HBO series can rejoice because “Eastbound & Down” makes its long-awaited return tonight after a brutal 15-month hiatus. The ongoing saga of burnout major league pitcher Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) whose bad behavior forced him into early retirement, the series began with Kenny returning to his hometown to become a middle school gym teacher. Living with his brother Dustin (John Hawkes) and sister-in-law Cassie (Jennifer Irwin), Kenny tries to win back his old girlfriend April (Katy Mixon) who’s engaged to his boss, Principal Cutler (Andrew Daly). Most of the jokes in the early episodes derived from the setup that his outsized ego is no match for this small town, while his teaching gig afforded the character plenty of opportunities to say horrible things to children. A network series probably would’ve worn out this premise for eight seasons, switching the jokes slightly each time, but basically keeping things as static as possible. ‘Eastbound’ tried this out for a mere six episodes before making the incredibly ballsy decision to throw it all out for season 2, which jettisoned most of its principle cast -- save Kenny’s no. 2 Stevie (Steve Little) -- for a storyline about Kenny hiding out in Mexico.

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alycakes3409d ago

I guess this is another reason for having HBO. I hear it's hilarious...I don't know about some of these shows. They go pretty far sometimes with their humor. I know it makes for good rating on some of them. You always hear the good and the bad of the shows. I've seen the trailers and what I've seen has been very funny so I don't know...I would probably watch it.

Blink_443408d ago

I have hbo, starz, cinemax but I don't watch any of theirs shows..guess I should start

MinimeJer053408d ago

Absolutely love this show. Eastbound is probably my favorite show on TV right now.