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'Evil Dead' Stars Talk Remake

The Insider:
Horror movie fans have come to terms with the fact that, save for the odd Insidious, Hollywood is only interested in remaking, rebooting and re-imagining scary movies. But when word of an Evil Dead remake broke, I wasn't alone in wanting to gouge the producers eyes out since the 1981 original is one of the few untouchables within the horror community.

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alycakes3409d ago

I'm not sure how this remake will turn out but with all our movie technology now....I'm sure they will do a lot of things that weren't possible back when it was done before.

CPO3408d ago

Yes, but on the other hand, the low budget effects and such is what makes that movie such a classic and cult move. So it could go the other way and totally ruin the whole vibe. Read Star Wars episodes 1-3 here!!!

alycakes3408d ago

You're right and that's the chance they're all taking with all these remakes. Some seem to be working but I personally would leave most of them alone.