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Player Affinity writes: We’re now more than a decade into the modern superhero movie era, folks. At this point, we’ve just crossed the threshold of the “reboot phase,” in which studios have either been forced or decided to re-imagine some of the 2000‘s major superhero properties. We saw X-Men: First Class successfully relaunch the “X-Men” franchise for Fox last summer and Sony is hoping to do the same in July with The Amazing Spider-Man. Even the critical and/or financial flops of the 2000s, such as Daredevil, Fantastic Four and both "Hulk” films have reboots in the planning stages.

And then there’s Ghost Rider. After the first film met a rough reception from critics and audiences in 2007 and a few years passed without a sequel, it seemed that the story of demon-possessed daredevil Johnny Blaze would get a full makeover. Apparently not.

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