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The State of the Romance/Comedy Union

Next Projection writes:
Some things are just meant to go together: peanut butter and jelly, marshmallows and hot chocolate, Ashton Kutcher and mediocrity…and of course, romance and comedy. Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but humor makes it grow even fonder-er, apparently. The “Romantic Comedy”, as you know, is a codependent mixture of these two common elements of plot.The RomCom is a driving force at the box office, and really always has been. It continues to put “butts in the seats” as it were, but the genre seems to have fallen on hard times as of late. There have been diminishing returns both financially and critically. There is often too little humor and too much dependence on elaborate setups and improbable character choices to push the plot along. Yet while these films are being met with a growing sense of dissatisfaction and in some instances distaste, I believe there’s still hope for this genre. That’s why I’ve chosen to compile a “State of the Romance/Comedy Union” address. Using only films from the last decade I’ve pointed out a few films I believe illustrate what’s wrong with this genre. But to show that there is still hope, I’ve followed that up with a list of films that demonstrate what I believe are the marks of a successful RomCom.

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Lord_Sloth3403d ago

Scott Pilgrim is 1 of my favorite movies of all time. LOVE IT!

MySwordIsHeavenly3402d ago

Same here. It's a movie that will sit on EVERY movie collector's shelf. It's strange that a movie like this could never win an Oscar for best movie. Honestly, how many people are going to have "The King's Speech" in their library ten years from now?

JL3402d ago

I liked Scott Pilgrim, hated King's Speech. That being said, Scott Pilgrim would never win Best Picture, nor is it worthy of it. Especially when it came out in the same year as movies such as Social Network, Black Swan, 127 Hours, Inception, Buried, Toy Story 3, Secretariat, etc. All were better than Scott Pilgrim.

MySwordIsHeavenly3402d ago

I mean...sure, those movies were also very good. I just think Scott Pilgrim and/or Kickass not winning movie of the year that year is a joke. I watch those two movies more than almost anything. Shouldn't that be what we mean by "best movie"?

I'm tired of this George Clooney/Meryl Streep CRAP.

coolasj3402d ago

When I first got the retail version of Scott Pilgrim I watched it 15 times in 9 days. Yes, multiple times a day.