New Stills for Project X Show the Party Getting Messy

When the people behind a film about a high school party of epic proportions are from The Hangover and The Matrix, you know you’re in for a treat. This is the case for party film Project X which has a cast of relative unknown actors and is shot from their perspective making the film feel more like a documentary than a cinematic treat. If the new stills in the gallery below are anything to go by, this is one party worth showing up for – unless you’re the dog.

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alycakes3405d ago

This is one movie I won't be seeing and hopefully none of my kids will either. They have good heads on their shoulders but it's not funny when they loose control like that and some kids actually do. I've seen it happen to friends of my kids after graduation and it wasn't pretty when my son had to go to their rescue so their parents wouldn't find out what trouble they had gotten into.

DeFFeR3405d ago

You [and your children - most likely] are not the target demographic for this film.

And it's lose.