Is John Carter Going to Be a Massive Box Office Bust?

Castor wrote:

"Could Disney have the biggest box office flop of all-time on their hand? It’s almost certainly too early to tell but as John Carter came on tracking, gasps of horror could probably have been heard over at Walt Disney Studios this past Thursday."

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stubbed_out3406d ago

John Carter...terrible name, don't know what the sentiment is over in the US but in the UK expect people to avoid simply because of its Americanisation.

FreydaWright3406d ago

I live in the States, and I can assure that there is no sensation surrounding this film. John Carter is a very mundane title for a movie, no matter where you're from. It shares the same asinine story genre with the likes of Cowboys vs. Aliens. I don't understand why Hollywood continues this trend, knowing that most level-headed Americans detest these kinds of films.

Soldierone3406d ago

John Carter is a terrible name, I lose interest just because of the name. It sounds like a history book....

Personally as a guy The Princes on Mars would be a good name. At first I'd be like WTF? But you say that name with the advertisements we got so far and I'd be sold.

They need better trailer, all I've seen is visual effects. Show more of the girl for women and more of the story for everyone else.

alycakes3406d ago

I saw a lengthy preview at the movies this weekend and it actually looks pretty good. The 3D even looked pretty good and I don't like 3D. I wasn't really interested in going to the theater to see it I may go now.

Angels37853406d ago

The movie (based on the trailer) looks like a desert Avatar, and when I say that I mean thats just my first impression Im not comparing the quality of the two.

spicelicka3405d ago

At first it looked like a darker prince of persia, then i saw the cool CGI and i was nvm this is completely different, then i saw "DISNEY"....and that pretty much killed it for me.

OSIRUSSS3405d ago

I read the Book it is pretty good. A lil dated though.

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