The Walking Dead Season 1 Review ( reviews the retail release of the Walking Dead TV show.

"So why is it that The Walking Dead feels more cinematic than it feels like television? Well it’s simple, The Walking Dead has found itself somewhere in limbo between the two mediums, it features an episodic structure but each episode in itself has more cinematic grandeur than just about an other television show out there."

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masterabbott3407d ago

The Walking Dead is one of my fav tv shows. Season was was friken awesome. I would of given it a 9/10 but thats just my own personal opinion.

scoobydoodoo3407d ago

I need to catch up on this season through Netflix

futurefrog3406d ago

Great review, really on point.

Soldierone3406d ago

Spoilers below:
The first season was truly amazing. I can understand the little inconsistencies with it, but at the same time it was so well done that you over look that.

I honestly don't understand why AMC would want to lose anyone behind the first season. Then they do and the second season isn't anywhere near what the first season was. Where are all the answers we were supposed to get? Why are they playing it safe? I watched this show because they were not playing it safe. "We could die if we go save him." Yet they did it, they didn't spend half a season looking for him, they lost him and moved on. People we cared about died in almost every single episode.

Remember the CDC? It was the safe area for season one, they could have spent half a season there and created a stereotypical drama, but they didn't. The thing exploded and they had to go somewhere else. The Farm in season 2 is no different than the CDC, but it wont friggin explode and that's what I'm waiting for!

Even while in the CDC they didn't trust the guy, they still looked for answers, and problems still came up. I don't know if its because they had only 2 episodes to work with that made it so intense in there, but it was WAY better than what they have done on the farm for 7 episodes now.

I don't hate Season 2, It just could simply be better. Season one was phenomenal, if it was replaced with what we got in season 2 so far I wouldn't be talking about it, or be excited that AMC is doing a 3rd season. But it' like a high, I'm craving that greatness to come back, and i know the potential is there. I hope tomorrows episode is the first episode to bring the intensity back.

Yes I understand it is following the comics, but it might be time to make some changes because the comics have a unique way of progressing through things that I don't think transfer well to TV.

masterabbott3406d ago

I have to say that the first season was brilliant, the second is a little bit of a drag and spent too much time at certain places instead of moving forward with the story. Hope they can get back on track.

Soldierone3405d ago

yeah, even my girlfriend was like "oh god not again" when Hershal left the farm and no one knew where he was at.

We got so tired of half the season being about looking for the girl. Then they have horrible writing to where she is in the barn the whole time? The excuse was Otis put her there, yet he went into a zombie infested area to save her without mentioning "uhh I put a little girl in the barn, wanna see if it was her" to anyone?

This is what I'm talking about when I say this seasons pacing sucks. Two episodes right there, they find the girl in the barn, and BAM we have episode 7 already and you still have 3 episodes till the mid season.