'Gangster Squad' Moves Up One Week, Presumably To Avoid 'Paranormal Activity 4'

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A slight update on the release date front via Warner Bros. The studio has decided to move up its period, L.A. noir drama, "The Gangster Squad" one week from October 19 to October 12. A minor adjustment perhaps, but worth noting: the picture has likely moved to avoid going face to face with Paramount's unrivaled found-footage horror flick, "Paranormal Activity 4." While the films cater to two distinctly different fans (drama vs. horror), "Paranormal Activity 3" was the biggest film in the franchise's history thus far, grossing $205 million worldwide, so it's likely WB hoped to avoid losing any of their audience.

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alycakes3406d ago

I personally think this is a good idea. People love the paranormal movies like crazy and they make big, big bucks at the box office on the weekend that they start...other movies always fall in second most of the time.

Gangster Squad is smart to move to another week to start showing if they dont' want that kind of competition.

MinimeJer053405d ago

That's fine by me. The earlier the better.

alycakes3404d ago

Me too...I think this is going to be a good movie anyway...I would probably see it no matter what weekend it showed. Tom Hardy is in it and he's turning out to be a great actor.