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The Daily Rotation - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "The Marvel comic-book character that just can’t seem to get a break is back on the back screen, but this time with crazy boys Neveldine/Taylor backing him up. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is a lot like Punisher: War Zone in the sense that it’s almost a completely different movie, not really acting like a sequel, but acting more like its own entity. That however, isn’t to say that it’s as good. Crank directors Neveldine/Taylor make Spirit of Vengeance a visually chaotic film, full of some weird-ass filming techniques and sequences of events, but the script is cold. It feels like it was written in crayon while Nic Cage was consuming massive amounts of cocaine. That makes the movie both incredibly fun and entertaining and severely flawed on the basic level of actually being a “good” movie. It doesn’t really have any rhyme or reason; it just does its own thing for about an hour and a half, until Nic Cage gets bored and halts the film to an end."

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SRC3403d ago

Don't think I saw the first one till it was on video for like 2 years, it will probably be sooner for this one, but I'm in no rush.

alycakes3402d ago

This was even better than I expected...a lot better than the first and so different than the first too.

MinimeJer053402d ago

Different yes, better yes, but judged as its own film it's still kinda struggling in the story department.