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Darth Maul Lives And He Is Coming Back To The Star Wars Universe

Looks like you just can’t keep a Sith Lord dead. Even when he’s been cut in half! But yeah, Darth Maul lives and he will be making his return in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”.

He will be voiced by Sam Witwer, who apart from being a huge Star Wars fan, he previously played the voice of The Son in The”Mortis Trilogy”. He also has played the role in the two Force Unleashed Star Wars videogames.

Check out the teaser trailer for his return and the interview with Sam Witwer!

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gsgm3410d ago

Can't wait for Darth Maul's return. It's been due for a long time now!

Extrahype3410d ago

Yeah. It's a shame Lucas "killed him off" in Phantom Menace...

aDDicteD3410d ago

hope he kills more jedi this time

krazykombatant3410d ago

This is why people hate George Lucas.

hazelamy3410d ago

he's actually appeared in a couple of comic stories, fighting Vader.
or he might have been a clone.

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