Warner Bros Plans More ‘I Am Legend’ With Will Smith

Deadline says

Warner Bros has closed deals with Akiva Goldsman and Overbrook Entertainment to do another installment of I Am Legend, the 2007 hit film. The intention is for Will Smith to reprise his role as scientist Robert Neville, who was the last man on Earth doing battle with a mutated mob in New York City after an apocalyptic man-made virus wiped out the population.

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Crazay3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

I love the idea of seeing more to this story. I really liked I Am Legend and can't lie - I was a little bent out of shape when he had to kill the dog.

DarkBlood3407d ago

are they talking about a sequal or a prequal? if not then its going to be interesting how he survived the basement explosion

DarkBlood3407d ago

lol nevermind i read the comments about the alternate ending it makes sense and i enjoyed that movie while for some reason my mom couldnt few years back stand it

MinimeJer053407d ago

Will Smith's performance in I Am Legend was great, but man did that film screw the book over so badly. The vampire creatures sucked and the ending was ruined!

Crazay3407d ago

How was the ending supposed to be?

hazelamy3407d ago

i think in the book, there was a society of vampires that were still intelligent, they'd found a way to control whatever it was that caused them to become like they were, not cure it, just control it so they could retain their personalities.
and i think they wanted to execute Neville because he was a threat to their society.
the alternate ending was closer to the book in that the vampires weren't just mindless savages

MinimeJer053407d ago

hazelamy is right, but the movie's biggest fault was adding more people in the film. I thought one of the main points the book focused on is that Neville was THE LAST MAN on earth, hence the I Am Legend.

There wasn't another town or a mom and her kid or anything like that.

I haven't read the book in a few years, but I think it focused on how the new vampire society was more intelligent than portrayed in the movie and that Neville was the outcast, not them.

They were just living their normal lives while he was considered the threat.

JL3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

I'm not really sure how I feel about this. I liked I Am Legend. But it almost seems like a sequel would just turn into a generic zombie flick. I mean part of the appeal of I Am Legend was the whole thing about him being alone, etc. Now we know he's not. So, it loses some of that magic. And throwing those additional characters away in a sequel to recapture that "I'm alone" aspect would just seem cheap. Whereas continuing on as a group could become generic.

Maybe a prequel would be better...? And quite frankly, I'm becoming a bit iffy about Will Smith lately.

Crazay3407d ago

I get what you're saying about the whole last man on earth vibe from the movie and that created a whole different feeling of isolation and fear but I hardly think it'll feel like a generic zombie flick with the inclusion of new characters.

I like Will Smith alot still but you're right he hasn't exactly been burning up the box office.

Soldierone3407d ago

I don't like the idea UNLESS they make him the last man on earth. Perhaps the other characters die or something, I don't know.

It's like having The Walking Dead characters find out New York is fine and un touched, along with the rest of the world. It ruins the entire idea. However I don't think Hollywood in it's current state can do it. They need action, they forgot how to write stories like this, and it would end up being twisted even further away from the story....

Not only that but based on these comments, the movie portrayed the monsters ENTIRELY wrong. I had no idea they were vampires at all, I honestly thought they were simply i have to read the book because the initial idea sounds a million times better, thanks guys lol

alycakes3406d ago

I don't think a sequel would work at all. It would have to be a prequel. What in world is he going to do in a sequel? He's all alone in the world...He's going to live until he dies and then it's all over...The End!

I don't think it's a good idea to even make the movie and ruin I Am Legend for the ones who liked the movie in the first place.