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How To Fix The Walking Dead

Player Affinity's Ali McIntyre writes: The Walking Dead is good. There isn’t too much argument out there on that subject. How good it is though, is a fairly big debate. The show’s first season was short and nearly half of it drove the story forward in no way whatsoever. It wasn’t jam-packed with zombies or slasher film violence, so why were people watching it? For the most part, I perceive it to be because the show took a largely ridiculous genre and made it a little less moronic, in turn, opening up what would ordinarily be something with a cult following to the public at large. I say “a little less” because there are still a myriad of issues that the show has and most of them have been truly fleshed out now that we’ve seen a good deal of season two. I won’t bore you with the details, but in short: the story has progressed slower than just about anyone thought humanly possible and the characters are prone to doing awfully stupid things. What then can be done to end this debate on the merits of the s...

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