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What IGN Wants: Twisted Metal Movie

IGN says

It's been a very good week for fans of the Twisted Metal franchise. After a decade-long absence from Sony's PlayStation consoles, the series finally debuted on the PlayStation 3 with a new sequel, simply titled Twisted Metal. But we also learned this week that Sony Pictures Entertainment is moving forward with a live-action Twisted Metal movie from writer/director Brian Taylor and producers Avi and Ari Arad. (The trio previously worked together on Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance.)

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JL3410d ago

The director of Crank teaming with the go-to producers for comic book movies? Sounds like a potential good match-up.

I absolutely agree with the Rated R sentiment here. Going PG-13 will kill this. Don't pretend it's something it's not and don't bastardize the franchise just to appeal to an audience that probably won't bother with it anyways.

Also, it should definitely have a grindhouse feel to it. This absolutely should be something like "Death Proof" meets "Crank", with tons more mayhem and violence. Give me that and I'll be eating it up.

MySwordIsHeavenly3409d ago

Just started up the new Twisted Metal today. I'd LOVE to see the movie in the same style as the cutscenes. They're so well done! Calypso's voice acting aside, it's a great cast as well.