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5 Years Later, the Rider Returns

Arcee "So, by a show of hands, how many of you caught the original Ghost Rider movie starring Nicolas Cage back in 2007? Not many of you, huh? Now that I blame you; that movie really kind of sucked. A rushed story, some bad casting choices and lackluster action scenes slowed down Ghost Rider like a choked up throttle."

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alycakes3409d ago

Well, I beg to differ on this one but everyone is allowed their opinion. Sure the first one wasn't a masterpiece but I liked it if only to tell me, a novice, who Ghost Rider was. I also like Nicolas Cage who tries to put all his heart and soul into his performaces....

This Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengence is totally different and shows the dark side of the rider. He's gone thru a lot of changes and has lost hope. I think it's a great movie with heart and great action scenes. The scenery where they shot the movie was also beautiful and the stunts were great. I'm seeing it again in the next couple of weeks.