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Why 3D Should Stay on the Big Screen

Never before has 3D film been so popular. Some of the highest grossing films in recent years have all been in 3D, and the trend is most likely to continue. Audiences all around the world have lined up to experience the enchanting effects of three dimensional film. However, this is a medium which is often best viewed in the cinema. With the use of a large screen, properly placed stereos and a vast space, 3D is able to properly translate to the audience. Yet when viewed at home, there can often be an element missing.

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JL3403d ago

Didn't read the article, but I can say this:

If 3D does not penetrate the home media market, it will not survive. With something like this, it's longevity is dependent upon losing that stigma of being a gimmick. The only way for it to lose that stigma is for it to "break out" and become widely accepted. In a case like this, that is done by penetrating the home media market.

The overwhelming majority of all movie viewing is done at home. This has become even more true since big screen plasma/lcd TVs have taken over home along with surround sound systems. Thus, 90% of everything people watch is done on their TVs at home. And if their TVs aren't 3D, then 3D as a whole is just a gimmick and has no chance of becoming commonplace. Without becoming commonplace, 3D remains a gimmick. And once that gimmick has lost its initial luster, it will be pushed aside and rejected (especially since it costs more).

Already people are tiring of 3D. You can see it as 3D ticket sales are dropping in share in the total box office take. You can see this resulting in studios becoming more desperate to push 3D. You especially see it with somebody like Sony (who owns stake in home media electronics AND movies). You see them desperately trying to push 3D TVs these days as they know that's the market they need to penetrate if they want this 3D to survive. You also see it in all these re-releases. Studios re-releasing old favorites in 3D in hopes to inflate 3D numbers. Their thinking: well, if people are dipping into 3D for these new movies so much anymore, maybe we can entice them to go to 3D movies by re-releasing these movies we already know they love in 3D.

More and more, 3D is becoming a joke, though. So, the clock is ticking and they may be on borrowed time. If they want 3D to survive (even in the theaters) then they're going to have to quickly penetrate that home market. If they don't, 3D will just fade away at some point (which I don't mind at all). Then they'll probably just try again further in the future (just like this time is a re-try).

Their biggest mistake was they pushed it too soon (thank James Cameron for that). 3D was to be the next step after hi-definition. However, they didn't even let that hi-definition step run its course before trying to force people to the next step. In fact, A LOT of people still haven't even stepped up to HDTV yet. It's something like only 50-60% at best that have HDTVs. With HDTV still trying to claim the entirety of the market, there was no way they were going to push a completely new stage of the home media market while so many people are still catching up to the last stage. Nobody was going to jump from SD to 3D and completely bypass HDTV really. So essentially they were selling 3D-TV to only half of the population. Already starting off on a bad leg there. And of that half (less than half when they started probably), many were probably still new HDTV owners and were not at all looking to upgrade or in the market for a new TV yet. They just got greedy and tried pushing too hard, too soon.

And furthermore, even if they did wait, I just don't see it catching on. Nobody wants to be sitting around having to wear special glasses to watch TV or movies at their house all the time. And if they're not doing that, then it's not becoming commonplace. They need to just reel this one in, chalk it up as a loss, then call me when they are able to effectively (and semi-cheaply) do glasses-less 3D.

DarkBlood3402d ago

your one of the only ones where i even read the whole thing since i know you got something good to say about the matter

ive only recently started buying blu-ray packs with 3d copies in it such as the superhero movies for example

related or not my main gripe on the issue is the 3D effect itself is not being used well unless it was intended in the first place

because lets be honest the only movie i was truly felt wowed was spykids 3, god knows how old i was at the time but damn that is a 3d movie done right stuff was literally out of the screen like the bubbles felt like i could reach and grab one

this was what i assume 3D would be from here on out but no even post conversion didnt work or releases like starwars

or captian america or thors while i could see some 3d effects i had to try hard just to even notice anything unsual for 3d effect so far everything 3D lately hasnt beeing eye popping or maybe im looking at it wrong these days

either way its the same situation for me with my 3DS where i just turn the effect off because while i see the effect by comparison not enough to warrant a difference so i end up being fine playing or watching in 2D

thats all im going to say for now as im sure i could go on but the end point being is its got to be certian kind of 3D for it to take off in my opinion

now im losing my touch with this post now lol

Father Murder X3403d ago

you my friend are absolutely right. the same can be said about blu-ray.

MySwordIsHeavenly3402d ago

Blu-ray has broken out though. It is wildly successful for the industry, specifically Sony. ;)

I believe Blu-ray and DVD will co-exist for a long time.