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Afternoon Filler: 100 Greatest Nic Cage Quotes, the ABCs of Cinema, L.E.D. Surfer
Yesterday our own Brian Salisbury ran down a list of his favorite/craziest Nicolas Cage performances, and now today brings us a supercut of the 100 Greatest Nicolas Cage Quotes. We know supercuts are becoming all the rage these days, to the point where they've basically just become useless"look how many" lists, but trust us when we say this video will keep you entertained for its full 8 minutes and 42 seconds.

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alycakes3411d ago

This goes by pretty fast if you want to listen to them some of them you remember quite well and they are funny and some I don't remember.

alycakes3405d ago

I listened to them all...doesn't take up too much time and they were good.