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Joss Whedon Talks 'The Cabin In The Woods'

Total Film:
Total Film caught up with Joss Whedon recently to talk about The Cabin In The Woods, the genre-hacking, invention-spewing horror that he produced and co-wrote.

Keen to get some insight into the thinking behind it, we asked Whedon about the inspiration behind Cabin.

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alycakes3411d ago

I've been hearing about it one for a long time too. Can't wait because I saw the trailer and it looked a little confusing and of those that I'm going to have to really pay attention to if I want to know what is really happening to these people because it won't be your typical type mystery thriller....there's going to be some twist to it.

JL3409d ago

This looks like it's either going to be insanely awesome, or it won't pan out and will just be gimmicky and cheesy with a lot of wasted potential. With Joss Whedon, I never can tell.

I'll definitely check it out though as there's definitely potential for this to be awesome and unique.

alycakes3408d ago

That's why I have to see it. You really never know and when I saw the trailer it was just an unusual trailer...I really didn't know what to think of it...I need to see it again.