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The Top 10 Stephen King Film Adaptations

Best Horror Movies writes:
For nearly four decades Stephen King has stirred the human bowels with his dread filled tales of terror. From monstrous creatures, to extraterrestrials to demented women and blood thirsty vampires, King has tackled just about every idea you could conceive of, and remarkably, he’s still doing so! It’s tough not to respect a guy who’s pumped out more success stories than nine of ten accomplished authors: King is the one, true Master of Horror, and I’m here to simply remind you why.

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Blink_443407d ago

The Mist would have to be my favorite

Best-Horror-Movies3407d ago

The Mist is a great movie, many people say that should have taken the #1 slot in this list.

FlashXIII3406d ago

I guess they aren't including the TV ones? Out of the real movies The Mist is certainly my favourite and has one of the best film endings I've ever seen. However adding the TV ones I reckon The Stand is my all time favourite.

Blink_443406d ago

I like the mist ending so much because t didn't end with things all happy like most movies do

dead_eye3406d ago

The mist was ruined by the ending. Should have stuck to the ending in the book.

FlashXIII3406d ago

I still have to read the book but I loved the movie ending.. don't think anyone saw it coming and you're left with something so cruel it's actually funny.

dead_eye3403d ago

That's the thing for me I found it to funny. The ending in the book is much better. You should read it.

MySwordIsHeavenly3406d ago

I'm sorry. Did I miss something here? The Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption aren't on there...