The LRA Show Ep. 42 - Safe House

LRA writes: For this weeks episode we start out by discussing the inherent lack of the third dimension in the recent 3D re-release of the craptacular Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace which leads into other topics such as when James discovers his inner hatred for George Lucas and the Star Wars franchise in general, whether or not George Lucas' neck makes money off of cancer, my journey to see the final scene in The Grey, if stopping people from leaving the theater before the credits are over is considered creepy and finally my thoughts on the new romance/doomsday movie Perfect Sense. Then James and myself discuss how we came to the realization that while we both saw the same flaws and strengths in the new Denzel Washington/Ryan Reynolds action movie Safe House somehow we had completely different opinions on the quality of the film overall. Featured music this week is from the "Safe House" motion picture soundtrack and the artist Jay-Z.

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