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Paget Brewster To Leave 'Criminal Minds'

Emily Prentiss is turning in her badge. Criminal Minds co-star Paget Brewster will leave the hit CBS drama series at the end of this season. Brewster had been itching to do something else for awhile. Last year, she used a provision in her modified deal for Criminal Minds that allowed her to shoot a pilot and did NBC’s comedy My Life as an Experiment. Had the pilot gone to series, Brewster would’ve left the CBS drama for it but when it didn’t, Criminal Minds producer ABC Studios had an option to bring her back and exercised it. I hear that Brewster, whose contract is up in May, wanted to do a half-hour pilot again this year but didn’t get the blessing of CBS and ABC Studios who tried to keep her on the show with an offer for a new deal.

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alycakes3412d ago

I'm going to be sorry to see her leave but I hope that they don't do what they did last time and kill her off because that was just not right.

Just let her leave and that way she can come back without all the awkwardness from her faking her death.