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First Look At Jaden Smith In Costume From "1000 A.E." Set

IndieWire says

As already reported, shooting is underway for the sci-fi/adventure project 1000 A.E., starring father/son pairing Will Smith and Jaden Smith, directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

The cast and crew are in Costa Rica currently, and have been sharing photos from the set over the last week. I've ignored all of them thus far, because they really didn't reveal much of anything... but this one was compelling enough to post. It actually shows the young Jaden, sporting a new haircut (not all that new), in costume.

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Crazay2437d ago

Shymalan has some great ideas but his execution is typically what hurts his movies. I didn't dislike Unbreakable - In fact I quite enjoyed it and the same goes for Signs.

I hope this movie turns out good.

256bit2436d ago

he looks like his dad...its not even funny. lol his dads ears.

Lord_Sloth2436d ago

That's not a son, that's a clone!

xVeZx2436d ago

jadens face is alittle different

no_more_heroes2435d ago

damn, this kid is gettin' big (says I, the 22 year old...)