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Possible Man of Steel Trailer Description

CBM says

Now that the filming is complete on the Zack Snyder-directed Superman reboot, Man of Steel, it's more and more likely that we will get a first look at the trailer sometime this summer. A couple of days ago, I was sent a very in-detail description of the rough cut trailer for the film, which Warner Bros. has been developing for a while now. I should mention that this might not be the final cut; just one version they're currently working on. So, that explains the "Rumor" you see in the headline, because nothing is confirmed just yet. The person who sent this to me worked on the film. And judging from info he told me personally, the source is very well legit as far as I'm concerned. The description is, like I said, very in-detail and contains some interesting stuff. Check it out below:

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Crazay3405d ago

Seems pretty plausible. I just want to see him in action. Some of the shots I've seen so far look promising.

thehitman3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

Eh Superman movies are like the WORST superhero movies EVER!.... Lex vs Superman just isnt entertaining and boring as fucking hell. Regular man versus greatest superhero of them all..... If this 1 sux they should just burry the idea of making superman movies lol. This is like the 5th reboot?

Kingdom Come3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

Please, just try to refrain from posting your immature comments. But, whatever, I'll humour you. General Zod is the primary antagonist of the movie, he is capable of (depending upon representation) everything that of which Clark is. Also, he's played by the sensationally brilliant Michael Shannon. Also, add in the production of Nolan, direction of Snyder and the writing of Goyer, I have faith that the trio won't fail us.

Also, Superman one and two are widely considered to be classics (I'm 18 and it's been years since I saw them when I was less than 10) but three and four are considered to be (especially four) weak, if not horrendous. However, I for one consider Bryan Singers adaptation to be great (despite Lois' annoying kid).

Crazay3404d ago

Well said Kingdom.

Superman movies are not "like the worst superhero movies ever". Superman 1 and 2 are fantastic movies that still hold the true essence of who Superman is.

DO a little reading on the movie and learn some fact before you start bashing the crap out of it. Zod is an extremely formidable foe and I can;t freaking wait to see how this plays out.

thehitman3404d ago

Im sry but the first 2 superman movies were OK and ya they were classics for being what they were when they came out. But compared to movies nowadays and the last 2 movies which are the 2 which stick in MOST ppls heads Superman movies can be averaged out to be mediocre at best. 2 movies from extremely long ago doesnt make up for the previous dwindles. Also @ Crazay I didnt write off this movie im just saying they better not make this 1 suck or else.

If this movie in anyway in fact has green cryptonite in the movie and used to weaken superman im pretty sure we will see another horrible superman movie. Knowing Zod will be the nemesis means they moved in a good direction but will see.

Kingdom Come3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

I wanted to believe it, until I read about Clark's usage of "telekinesis" I did. I mean, sure, he is completely capable of Self-Telekinesis (flight), but to levitate a pencil using his mind is something Superman has never been able to do. Hopefully, they remain faithful to the text and try not to further strengthen the character. Luckily both Nolan, Goyer and Snyder are on board, both of who (mostly) respect their initial texts and heavily base their representations upon them.

OSIRUSSS3404d ago

Maybe Supes got Chronical powers in addition to his own. I also want to see him rip that S off his chest and throw it at Zod. If that doesn't happen I will be dissapoint.

DarkBlood3404d ago

i wouldnt be suprised at this, based off the classic movies and especially smallville

we seen that these powers arent his own only being powered by the fortress such as

-hearing peoples thoughts *smallville*
-the S sheild thing *superman 2*
-repairing the china wall *superman 4?*

-powers can be taken away *smallville* which at one point i thought was sort of permanent but a quick drive right into the sun restores his powers so i question if his powers were ever really gone in the first place maybe if he had stayed under the sun longer?

and well damn im sure there was other additional abilities other then his own but thats all i can think of now lol

badkolo3404d ago

if the movie is finished then why is it coming out next year

Kingdom Come3404d ago

I don't particularly recall hearing of filming wrapping up, but if so, Post-Production and advertising will take up a few months but a year? That's quite puzzling.

Crazay3404d ago

It wrapped a few weeks back and is deep into post production. It could be out this year but they decided to release it next summer instead. Totally sucks ass if you ask me.

Soldierone3404d ago

It was originally scheduled for December of this year, but WB wanted it to be released during the summer months. More money, more viewers, and overall what they simply want to do with Superman.

Kingdom Come3404d ago

That and they wouldn't want to potentially clash with "Rises". Still, it's a shame.

Vortex3D3404d ago

So is Superman quietly saying he can't compete with Batman? Superman supposed to be far more powerful than Batman.

DarkBlood3404d ago

i thought it had to do with the lord of the rings movie?

pr0digyZA3404d ago

Means it has heavy post production probably due to special effects. This is also happening with that Elysium movie where they finished in January but its only coming March next year.

Vortex3D3404d ago

Isn't calling Superman, Man of Steel isn't as tough today?