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Diamond Gives Us Better Look At The Lizard

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The 2012 Toy Fair is almost over, and we've gotten a great look at some of the toys and action figures tied to the summer's blockbuster superhero movies. While we enjoyed Hasbro's action figures for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man, Diamond Comics Distributors may have the most accurate figures based on what The Lizard will look like in the movie with their Marvel Select Lizard figure and bust, both of which will be out in June. photographer Thomas Tinneny snapped off some pictures in the Diamond Select showroom so that you can enjoy some close-ups of The Lizard below.

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alycakes3413d ago

I guess that's a pretty good likeness. I don't really know what to expect when I see the movie but this does give some idea.

Soldierone3412d ago

Was this posted twice? Either way these figures look awesome and the Spider-Man fan inside of me can't wait to scoop up all the toys and gadgets that come out this summer.

alycakes3412d ago

This may have been posted witht he story about the toys that were being put out of the movie.

krazykombatant3412d ago

Looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle... So far I'm still not impressed with this movie.

spicelicka3411d ago

i honestly wish they made a TMNT movie instead of this crap anyway. No need to re-release the same damn series within a decade.

Torkith3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

I really hope that the Lizard goes throughout a transformation the entire film. I just want to see a version where he has more of a snout. I'm not against this look but just hoping for a bit more.

Were the first leaked pictures ever proven to be fake?

aDDicteD3412d ago

yup i would like that too like in the cartoons and comics

Deadpool6163412d ago

I agree about the snout and I really miss the torn up lab coat. That's what separates "The Lizard" from all the other lizards in other movies.

tacomonster3412d ago

Is it me or dose he kinda look like king koopa from the live action super mario brothers.

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