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Paramount Plots Remake Of Alfred Hitchcock's 'Suspicion' With Veena Sud To Write The Script

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Helmer Brian DePalma has stated on numerous occasions that his directorial style and even screenwriting has been influenced directly by the work of Alfred Hitchcock, a director who few would argue was a master of visual storytelling. Though while DePalma took his Hitchcock influence and incorporated it into his own sensibilities, some filmmakers like Gus Van Sant or D.J. Caruso, have made ill-advised exacting remakes of Hitchcock’s work with varying degrees of success. Even with the official remake in Van Sant’s shot-for-shot “Psycho,” or in Caruso’s unofficial and doltish “Disturbia,” it looks as if Hollywood has learned very little from the past as another remake has been announced only days after news that there’s another “Rebecca” in the works.

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alycakes3407d ago

Here we go again with the Alfred Hitchcock remakes...I sure hope they know what they're doing.