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Billy Bob Thornton Says 'Bad Santa 2' Will Shoot This Fall For Christmas 2013 Release

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It has been a while since we heard anything about the long developing "Bad Santa 2," the sequel to the hit R-rated comedy that has yet to be topped for holiday raunch. Nearly a year ago it was confirmed that Billy Bob Thornton would be returning to reprise the role of Willie, while over the summer it was revealed that Dimension Films had hired two writers -- Johnny Rosenthal and John Phillips -- to each write separate scripts with the winning screenplay getting the thumbs up to go into production. Well, things have been quiet for a while but it looks like "Bad Santa 2" may finally be going in front of cameras.

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alycakes3406d ago

I know a lot of people liked the first one so I'm sure they will be happy that there will be a second.

I myself didn't care for the first one so this really isn't that important to me..