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Steven Spielberg Talks Tintin 2

Total Film - Spielberg directed the first instalment of the performance-capture/animated take on Hergé’s spirited comic book series, with Peter Jacskon serving as producer. The pair had planned on a trilogy, and the ending of The Secret Of The Unicorn certainly left things open for a sequel.

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rawrockkillz3409d ago

Yes! This is gonna be awesome!

JL3408d ago

Indeed. This is absolutely great. For me, there was absolutely no doubt that Tintin was the best animated movie of 2011. In fact, it was one of my favorite movie of the year, period.

Tintin was just tons of fun and a great time. I'm absolutely happy that they're making another. I definitely wouldn't mind this becoming a trilogy.

alycakes3408d ago

This last year was a bad year for me....I've missed so many of my movies that I wanted to see and this is one of them. I will see it sooner than later for sure but I remember when I was at the theater every week no matter what and now one thing or another always gets in the way somehow.

Shackdaddy8363408d ago

Tintin was a great movie. Had great story, great animation, great everything.