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Shawn Levy Talks 'Real Steel', and Practical Robots; Plus an Update on the Sequel

The Collider:
When director Shawn Levy’s Real Steel opened last October, it surprised quite a few people. For one, the so-called “robot boxing movie” packed a whole lot of heart. While some may have been expecting wall-to-wall robot fights, they soon found out that buried beneath this sci-fi adventure was an emotional father-son story. Secondly, audiences discovered that Real Steel featured some of the best visual effects of the year. I nstead of relying solely on CG for the numerous robot-boxing matches, Levy opted for a nuanced blend of practical effects and cutting-edge motion capture technology. What resulted was some of the most seamlessly blended effects in recent memory. When it came time for the Oscars to announce the contenders in the Best Visual Effects category, it was no surprise that Real Steel popped up on the list.

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darklordzor3413d ago

Just so long as they don't go with some stupid 90s-esque sequel title, I'll be happy....Like:

Real Steel 2: Platinum!
Real Steel 2: Steelier
Real Steel 2: Wood Apocalypse


alycakes3413d ago

I want a sequel but I do want them to do it right...I actually loved the movie and I was surprised because I went in to see just because I like Hugh Jackman and I thought it would be a good action film. I wasn't expecting to really get into it like I did. I came out of the theater loving it. I went back to see it again with my sister.

So if they make a sequel...I would expect it to surprise me again and expect it to be even better.