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Fast Six Begins Shooting in May

Director Justin Lin,Vin Diesel and The Rock,will ride again in May.

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Soldierone3409d ago

Oh god I hope they change the name, that sounds so stupid.

alycakes3407d ago

It does....doesn't it? Did you see after the credits on the Fast Five movie? Do you already know who is going to be in this one? I'm just asking because I didn't want to spoil it for you if you didn't see the small part after the credits.

Soldierone3407d ago

I haven't bothered to watch it just yet. Heard it was good and I want to, just haven't watched it lol

However Fast Six is just...please change the name lol

alycakes3407d ago

I do agree with you on the name change also...after all they are professionals so you would think that they could get a little more creative than that.