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New to Blu-ray February 14, 2012

Movies Hate You Too writes:

There are slow weeks and then there are SLOW WEEKS and this definitely qualifies as the latter. There’s only one major new release, followed by two art house films, and two television shows making their Blu-ray premiere. What’s even more disappointing is that there is only one major catalog release; thankfully it is an extremely distinguished film that deserves to be seen in High Definition.

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alycakes3408d ago

I didn't see it at the movies but I'm curious about it. I know it wasn't your run of the mill movie and Johnny Depp can make strange movies sometimes. I know this is one of them but I have to still give him credit for doing what he does best...acting...which is what he's doing in this movie as in any other movie.

Blink_443408d ago

Gotta get take shelter, never saw it. Probably rent rum diary

contra1573407d ago

Gimmie Indiana jones for godsake!