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Michael Bay Officially Signed to Direct Transformers 4; Release Date Announced

From TMP:

While it was long rumored and many assumed it to be happening, there wasn't any official confirmation on Michael Bay returning to the money-making film franchise, Transformers. Paramount has issued a press release now that confirms Bay has signed on with them for a 2 picture deal, one of them is [I]Transformers 4[/I], which now has a release date to boot.

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Soldierone3375d ago

Bay is getting stale with the franchise. I don't want the emphasis on explosions, i want an emphasis on story....

darklordzor3375d ago

And as much as I hate saying it...I'd rather have a good actress than a hot one running around.

I really want this franchise to do something great, but the story keeps missing the mark. Transformers 3 had a good premise, but it really petered out at the end and felt hollow.

alycakes3375d ago

I really can't say how much I agree with you on that one. I don't know how many times I said that when the movie came out. No body can run around on 5 inch heels and all she did was scream and needed to be protected instead of helping out like she should have.

darklordzor3375d ago

Not only that, but that whole thing with her convincing Megatron to fight...that was messed up. It's fucking Megatron, I'm sorry but no little girl is going to convince the metallic ruler of the Decepticons that he needs to get off his ass and live to tell about it.

Soldierone3375d ago

I agree with you entirely and I always get people hating me for saying that. Her opening scene was a shot of her ass, and right then and there I knew how the outcome was going to be....

Personally I preferred Megan Fox, to me she looks better, and she was beginning to develop in the role so she was a little comfortable acting a bit.

However I feel this is no different than Call of Duty for movies. It will be rehashed and re used until it absolutely cannot sell anymore.

Dude4203375d ago

Each time I hear of a new transformers movie coming out, I keep wishing for it to be like this.

Dysmorphic3374d ago


I don't get the deal with that trailer. To me, it looks exactly like a scene out of a Michael Bay Transformers right down to the quasi-rock song being used.

Dude4203374d ago

Michael Bay transformers? You can't be serious.

- You can actually tell who is who
- There is no human army involved
- You can actually see what's going on in battles
- Any drama scenes are with transformers, not shia labeouf and megan fox (or rosie) with the sun in their faces.
- Bay Transformers focused more on humans than transformers themselves.
- Transformers design are much different (IMO they look more advanced in tech than Bay's designs).
- Story was much better in War for Cybertron than any of Bay's Transformers, so I don't doubt FOC will be better as well.
- No ghetto transformers
- No comic relief from sam's parents (oh god the horror when she took weed in TF2, there was even comic relief during the battle in the end).

Oh man I can go on....

So could you please tell how it looked like a Michael Bay scene?

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LX-General-Kaos3374d ago

Transformers is just a kids cartoon man. I dont think it was ever meant to be taken that seriously. Im sure that for most people that go to watch that just want to see some good effects, and some good ass whoopin. If you want to go see some type of award winning story you should watch a movie thats not about transforming robots and teenagers.

Especially since we are on number 4 now. You seen the cheese and explosions 3 times already. You know whats to come in the fourth.

Soldierone3374d ago

I'm not looking for award winning story, just a story. It's a kids cartoon, but it has plenty of in depth stories to use. Like comic books.

The first one had a great story and was extremely well done. The second was boring and the third wasn't any better. The explosions have no point to them, all Im asking is that they do.

Plus they should focus on the robots, not the teens. sadly you are right, expecting an actual movie and not senseless violence is worthless at this point until someone new is in.

LX-General-Kaos3374d ago

yea pretty much. fortunately for me sometimes i like to see some strait up action. I find the transformers entertaining. So i will be there to see the 4th one bad story or not lol

Dude4203374d ago

The first one was alright, this is what summed it up for me though.

Taz Yamauchi3374d ago

Explosions Robot massacre FTW

Tone3375d ago

They need to make a Unicorn Story like in the 1st Transformers animated movie.. that would be awesome!

KwietStorm_BLM3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

Lol unicorn

Mythical horses, graze the meadows and roll out!

alycakes3375d ago

I just couldn't stand her throughout the whole movie...she just wasn't the right pick...she didn't fit the part at all.

Soldierone3375d ago

She was only there so they could say "super hot model is in the movie" and get guys to go. Personally wasn't the reason I went, and was the only reason I didn't see the movie on opening day.

jackbauer0033375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

God I wish they would stop making these movies.

blackz0013374d ago

looks like ur life is a very poor one. or why wishing (in addition with god) to stop making movies like these. dont watch them ok? u guys have really problems, downloading and watching movies from the internet and woundering why hollywood only makes big 3d blockbuster....

KwietStorm_BLM3374d ago

Are you making an honest attempt to be a douchebag or is it by accident?

Deadpool6163375d ago

Stop at 3 movies and give another director a shot. I'm tired of Michael Bay's Transformers. Go make another BadBoys or Armageddon...just something else.

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