CinemaBlend's 9 Favorite Cinematic Amnesiacs

CB - In this week's The Vow, Rachel McAdams gets conked on the head, wipes all memories of her previous life, and has to go through the arduous task of being wooed by Channing Tatum all over again-- I know, boo hoo, right? But McAdams is just a tiny part of a long, long cinematic history of amnesiacs, people who lose either their entire memory or some part of it in a way that makes for a pretty gripping story. Amnesia might not be all that common in real life, but if you look at the movies, there are constantly people forgetting about murders in their past, or their past lives, or even that they already know the ending to The Sixth Sense. So to prepare you for the gooey romantic memory loss of The Vow, here are 9 of our favorite cinematic amnesiacs from the past.

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Blink_443411d ago

Lenord Shelby is easily my favorite...Memento is such an amazing movie.

Nolans best movie imo