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Check Out A New John Carter International Featurette

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Walt Disney Pictures has just released a brand-new international featurette for their upcoming John Carter, coming to 3D, 2D and IMAX 3D theaters on March 9.

Directed by Andrew Stanton, the film stars Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Samantha Morton, Mark Strong, Ciaran Hinds, Dominic West, James Purefoy, Daryl Sabara, Polly Walker, Bryan Cranston, Thomas Hayden Church and Willem Dafoe.

John Carter tells the story of war-weary, former military captain John Carter (Kitsch), who is inexplicably transported to Mars where he becomes reluctantly embroiled in a conflict of epic proportions amongst the inhabitants of the planet, including Tars Tarkas (Dafoe) and the captivating Princess Dejah Thoris (Collins). In a world on the brink of collapse, Carter rediscovers his humanity when he realizes that the survival of Barsoom and its people rests in his hands.

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alycakes3414d ago

I have to admit the first time I saw a short teaser I was already hooked. I saw a lot of that I just knew was going to blow me away with this movie. I'm so glad it's finally here. I remember the first time I saw the name someone submitted a story of 'John Carter' and I said in the comment "I've never heard of this...who is John Carter?"

Seems so long ago.

Soldierone3412d ago

I still don't know what to think of it....what exactly is the story? I can't learn that from any of the trailers I have personally seen.

It looks interesting, I just don't understand what the movie actually is.

alycakes3412d ago

I think the movie starts out here on earth back sometime in earlier in history and something happens to him that makes him disappear but I'm not sure about anything either.