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Jennifer Aniston Joins Salt's Hot New EFM Seller 'Miss You Already'

Screen Daily:
Paul Andrew Williams directs and co-writes with Morwenna Banks; Salt pre-sells London-set comedy-drama to Entertainment One for UK, Australia and Canada.

Jennifer Aniston is newly attached to Song for Marion director Paul Andrew Williams’ new comedy-drama Miss You Already, which is generating strong buzz for UK outfit The Salt Company at the EFM. Embargo Films produces.

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alycakes3414d ago

I hope it's different than her usual romantic comedies. She needs to step out of her comfort zone and try something different. She can't keep playing Rachel all her life...which is what she's doing everytime she takes on a romantic comedy role.

The only one she's done that was different was Horrible Bosses and that was good. When she tried to do drama with Clive Owen on Derailed she was aweful but she needs to continue to step out of the box.

Soldierone3413d ago

I think we could say this about a LOT of accresses to be honest. A lot of them either fall into the romantic role, or the "im hot" role. Then they get stuck there.

Look at Katherine heigl, same exact role in almost every movie she is in.

But I do agree, Jennifer Aniston was awesome in Horrible Bosses, and I think she should really look into more roles like that.

alycakes3413d ago

Yes, Heigl is another one...she keeps doing romantic comedies...what's wrong with them...can't they see that it's like making the same movie over and over again?

Lord_Sloth3413d ago

You had me at Jennifer Aniston.