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IGN - Spartacus: Vengeance - "The Greater Good" Review

IGN - Agron has proven to be a major player so far this season. He's a cunning fighter and a trusted adviser to Spartacus. It wasn't surprising to see him try to sway Crixus into believing Naevia was dead. Agron and Crixus have never seen eye-to-eye. Also, Agron has a good point. Their entire focus so far has been on finding one person. When you have an army to lead, you have to think of the greater good. Unfortunately, Spartacus has been blinded by friendship and his own loss. If this season is going to be about Spartacus become a good leader, he will need to learn how to make important sacrifices. With Crixus and Naevia now switching places it will be interesting to see if Spartacus makes the same mistake twice. Mounting another rescue mission could be suicide for his cause. It's a fascinating dilemma that should lead to some interesting moments next week.

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