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Best Horror Movies Review: The Walking Dead Episode 208 Nebraska

The Walking Dead returns tonight after a lengthy hiatus with episode 208 'Nebraska'. As one may have speculated, all hell has officially broken loose on Hershel’s farm. After seeing his barn full of walkers mowed down by Shane and a few overzealous accomplices, he snaps, and demands that the group vacate his farm.

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Best-Horror-Movies3410d ago

I'm curious to see what other people thought of this episode. I do want to see more zombies!

aDDicteD3409d ago

hope there will be more action and shooting on the next episode

Best-Horror-Movies3409d ago

I agree 100% with you on that one!

cr33ping_death3409d ago

A little disappointed that there werent zombies but the last scenes were awesome.

Best-Horror-Movies3409d ago

I agree the last scenes were the best part of the show.

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