Top 10 More Must See Korean Films

Some of the best movies of the last 20 years have come out of South Korea. The industry doesn’t have much money to fund a lot of bs projects like Hollywood does so they have to pick and choose their scripts so what you get is a lot of quality. They also take more chances and are tragic in nature, happy endings in Korean films are rare which is something Hollywood frowns upon, but it makes for more truthful cinema.Here are 10 MORE must see films.

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wh0am13410d ago

The Host was awesome.

Legion3410d ago

Still one of the best Korean Horror films to reach my collection.

First movie where I have seen the monster directly appearing in full daylight at basically the onset of the movie and still had quality and intensity behind it.

Ares84HU3410d ago

I respect the fact that everyone has a different opinion and now here is mine:

I have the Host on blu-ray and I watched the Oldboy on Netflix.

I've seen a few other Korean movies as well and I formed an opinion on Korean movies.

They are all pure garbage. Terrible acting, worst stories with usually a no beginning and no end. Everything is goofy nothing is serious. The worst of the worst. I rather watch an amateur Ukraine movie than a full on professional Korean movie any day of the week...that's how terrible I think every single Korean movie is.

Personaly, I just don't understand how people can even take Korean movies seriously or give them any credit what so ever.

So, this was my opinion and my two cents.

Baka-akaB3410d ago

to each their own , likewise i just can't take your opinion seriously or care , if you've seen , as it seems you did , stuff like Oldboy or the whole vengeance trilogy .

Legion3409d ago

I respect your difference of opinion but loose all respect for your purchase of a Bluray that you say in your words is garbage.

Do you make it a habit of purchasing Bluray films that are garbage by your standards? And in what manner did you determine that the Host was garbage? As near every critic has given it kudos on it's interpretation of a modern day horror experience.

FlashXIII3410d ago

No mention of brotherhood? Nor oldboy? Two of the best movies I've ever seen. The host was great though but nowhere near on the same level as the two I mentioned.

Leio3410d ago

Without Oldboy the list just simply fail

Infernostew3410d ago

Vengeance trilogy is mentioned as #2 on their first Korean top 10 list.

Legion3409d ago

I totally approve of Oldboy being mentioned here as it would have brought more defintion to true classic Korean films. But the lack of it being here does not discredit the titles on the list.

I have seen near all of the titles on this list and find them deserving of credit. But obviously I had a few other titles that I think would fit the category. Some I would have liked to have seen would have been: A Man Who Was Superman, The Chaser (based off a true story of a Korean mass murder), and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance.

andron3410d ago

I haven't seen all of these, but I feel A Tale of Two Sisters is on par with those I have seen. It's one of my favorite Korean films...

kingPoS3410d ago

Every so often foreign movies like the The Good, the Bad, the Weird or Black Lightning surprise me in how good the are.
I probably would've never heard of them if netflix hadn't of broadened my viewing interests.