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30 Rock: "Hey, Baby, What's Wrong?" Review | TheGameEffect

Tonight's hour-long episode, "Hey, Baby, What's Wrong?" had some great lines, and some really entertaining moments, but overall, it felt like 30 Rock was trying to drag out jokes and unnecessarily protract individual scenes to fill the 60 minute time slot. Especially considering the length of the episode, not a lot actually happened tonight: Mary Steenbergen guest-starred as Avery's mother and she and Jack spent the better part of the hour trying not to have sex with each other; Tracy and Frank tried unsuccessfully to get Lutz some Valentine's Day loving; and Liz and Criss left off pretty much where they were preceding a hellish trip to Ikea. My favorite parts of the episode involved Pete helping Jenna get over a "case of the yips" but these regrettably were few and far between and could have stood more in-depth development.

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