Star Trek The Next Generation: The Next Level Blu-ray Review - Movies Hate You Too

Movies Hate You Too writes:

Later this year Star Trek: The Next Generation will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Twenty-five years is a long time, if you recall the Star Trek franchise was only 21 years old when TNG premiered. I, on the other hand was a little over 5 years when ‘Next Gen’ blew into my life at warp speed and irreparably changed my taste in TV & movies forever. As a kid and even well into my teens I was never really bothered by the relatively poor quality of the show because I didn’t know any different. With each passing year home video technology has improved, it is now to a point to where a show that I once thought looked cutting edge now looks decidedly poor and without any of the glory it once held. Thankfully due to several factors including the success of 2009's Star Trek reboot, the Original Series successful high definition restoration, continued interest in TNG, and TNG's upcoming 25th 'birthday' Paramount and CBS Films decided last year to commit to r...

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