Chronicle Review (Crush Frag Destroy)

CFD!'s Paul Dronet offers his take on the newest "found footage" film:

"The found footage genre has primarily been filled with horror or thriller entries. It makes sense. The immediacy and intimacy of the work can lend itself incredibly well to an intense setting, at least when the film is successful. Which isn’t that often. So, it is a surprise that the latest found footage film is neither horror nor thriller, but the superhero origin film Chronicle. Does this blending of genres prove a winning combination?"

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acronkyoung3414d ago

The commercials on Hulu for this movie really bug me. "Sometimes the best way to understand a story is to tell it from the beginning." No, really? I always prefer my stories start somewhere in the middle.

Soldierone3413d ago

Don't worry the entire movie has flaws like that too....i couldn't stand it.

Lord_Sloth3413d ago

I hate this Found Footage BS! It's annoying as hell and why would a Super Powered Teen carry a camera around with him instead of joining in the action anyway?!

I love the plot of this film but cannot STAND the filming style.

Soldierone3413d ago

The filming style was the only thing i liked. I liked the idea, but the actual attempt was lame (In my opinion)

Personally this is one of the many scripting flaws they had. Why not have a guy too scared to go in the hole? Then he is so fascinated with the powers he follows them around? You can still have them take the camera and film themselves, but the whole "i can hold it with my mind" ruined it for me.

Soldierone3413d ago

I'm honestly missing something here and I don't know what it is. I hated this movie and yes I know every one is entitled to their opinions, but this movie is getting such high reviews from so many places. What am I not seeing?

I like the idea, and I liked how it was filmed, but that isn't enough to cover up all it's flaws. I already typed out a full thing on another review, no need to do it again.