Jonathan Levine’s Zombie Movie 'Warm Bodies' Pushed Back to February 1, 2013

The Collider:
One of the projects I was most looking forward to this year was 50/50 director Jonathan Levine’s zombie love story Warm Bodies. The pic stars Nicholas Hoult as “R” a zombie who falls in love with Julie (Teresa Palmer) after he eats her boyfriend’s brains and absorbs his memories. Besides the intriguing love story aspect, the film also features a military revolt led by John Malkovich. The film was slated to open this August, but Summit has decided to push the release date back to February 1st, 2013, per Box Office Mojo.

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alycakes3415d ago

The storyline of this movie is just too crazy to even process in my mind....I don't know it not something I think I want to see. Don't get me my zombie movies but not like this or at least they way they say this one is going to be.

MinimeJer053413d ago

That's never a good sign. I personally think the movie sounds pretty bad, but Levine has my ticket because of 50/50 and The Wackness. He's one hell of a director.

alycakes3413d ago

Yes, but all zombies want to do eat more and more and more...they have no concept of feelings....this is the part that no matter how they slice's still not going to make sense. I'm still going to want to know what excuse he uses to make him actually absorb the boyfriends brains and actually have feeling but even typing this my brain can't process that.

3413d ago
yesmynameissumo3412d ago

*Summoning the great Don LaFontaine* In a world where vampires sparkle in sunlight and The Expendables 2 is PG-13...this shit concept of a zombie shouldn't surprise anyone.

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