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It’s Time to Make Peace with 'Star Wars'

The Collider:
Why do people still get outraged about Star Wars? What’s the point? People get upset at the Blu-rays. They get upset when George Lucas opens his mouth. They get upset when the prequels are even acknowledged. They lose their freaking minds if you say “Greedo Shot First”. We’ve been having these discussions since 1997 when the special editions arrived. Now whenever the opportunity arises, we keep dredging up old controversies. It’s time to let them go.

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alycakes3418d ago

I like Star Wars....I'm not a Star Wars fanatic or huge fan so I'm not seeing the problem but there does seem to be one from what I've been seeing in all the aritcles. Then I read thru this one and it just doesn't seem like anything that anyone would be upset about but it seems some people are. I'm just confused I guess....I don't know why.

Shackdaddy8363415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Lucas just needs to focus more on the sequels. After ep 1 came out, it was all about the era set around the prequels. Do more things about the war between the rebels and the empire. Prequel era is ok but I just find the sequel era so much more interesting. And I know most people would rather pick storm troopers over clones. That's what people want. I just don't get why Lucas can't see that...

On the editing part, I don't mind it but I have to say Lucas is a complete hypocrite for doing all that junk seeing that he gave a speech about how wrong it was when he was younger. I really don't care though. I honestly like the blu-ray and 3d improvements and I plan on seeing ep1 3d as well as the rest of the movies when they come to theaters again (I'm having wet dreams over ep 4 3d)...

alycakes3414d ago

I have the whole Star Wars saga that came out but haven't watched it yet but I don't know that I would remember what changes were's just been too long since I've actually watched the originals.