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Remake Of Alfred Hitchcock's 'Rebecca' In The Works, Steven Knight To Pen The Screenplay

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Hollywood just can't get enough of Alfred Hitchock. With two movies about the man in the works -- "Alfred Hitchcock And The Making of Psycho" with Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren and "The Girl" with Toby Jones and Sienna Miller -- along with brewing "Psycho" prequel and a remake of "To Catch A Thief," everyone is trying to bring the master of suspense into the modern age. And now DreamWorks and Working Title are going to give it a try.

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alycakes3410d ago

I don't mind them remaking Alfred Hitchcock's films if they do them right. I personally didn't care for the Psycho remake and I don't want them to ruin the great film makers' work. I hope they do a good job on this one and any others they may decide to do in the future.

matthewmcgrory3408d ago

I love the original Rebecca. Not sure if i would like to see a remake of it. The opening shot of the house is so well done.

alycakes3407d ago

That's what I meant by they have to do it right. Alfred Hitchcock was brilliant and he did things so well that it would be ashame to ruin his work.