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Superman Henry Cavill Will Climb 'The Great Wall' For Director Ed Zwick

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You see that face up there? Get used to it. With "Man Of Steel" hitting in just over a year, the marketing ramp-up/onslaught is just around the corner and Henry Cavill's face and name will soon become recognizable even to your Mom. And Legendary Entertainment, who are co-producers on the superhero pic, are eager to keep Cavill under their roof.

The company's Legendary East shingle have snagged Cavill to star in Ed Zwick's developing "The Great Wall." First announced over the summer, details are thin on the project but Zwick will co-write the script with his partner Marshall Herskovitz. The story, dreamed up by Legendary honcho Thomas Tull and "World War Z" author Max Brooks, centers around the mystery behind the construction of China's greatest landmark and one of the largest wonders of the world.

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alycakes3418d ago

He is really getting a lot of roles now. I'm sure his career is going to be a very long one. He's very handsome and very talented. It also doesn't hurt to just be a nice person as well...I think people can see thru that.