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'American Horror Story' Season Two Poster

The Collider:
Considering most of the ad campaign for the first season of American Horror Story highlighted some of the more strange aspects of the series like the Rubber Man and various S&M related imagery, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the marketing for the new season took a strange approach as well. We’ll have to wait quite awhile to find out as the second season doesn’t even start airing until the spooky month of October. However, what might keep you busy until then is trying to find some old school 3D glasses that just might help see this poster a little better. I can’t be sure since I don’t have a pair myself, but there does seem to be some photo trickery. See for yourself after the jump!

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alycakes3419d ago

Depending on whether it's on the same time slot or not is going to depend on if I watch it or record it. I don't like it enough to miss my regular show that I am hooked on so we'll see.

Best-Horror-Movies3417d ago

This is a fan made poster not the real deal. I still like the poster.

alycakes3416d ago

Yeah, cool poster. I hope the show is good this next season.